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"Even if there are people who might move on to something else, we have fans who are there for us without change. That's everything to us." (Sakurai)

"No~t at all. As long as the five of us are happy anyone can pass over us; whether they pass over us or not is something I have no interest in at all." (Ohno)

"Hmm... now that I think about it, I don't think aiming for the top meant we were going to fight others for it. If we can make the people who support us happy, that would be the true top." (Aiba)

"Our circumstances right now is just a hindsight-based opinion. There's always a sense of danger because we don't know what's going to happen after this. Isn't that the price we have to pay for taking on the responsibilities of doing this kind of work?" (Matsumoto)

"I know that idols are cool when they retire manfully at their peaks, but we're not manly. (laugh) We'll be clinging on forever!" (Ninomiya)

If you have not read the translations for Pia, YOU SHOULD!
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since my vocab is limited, the interview is awesome awesome awesome !!!
I love Nino's line the most..."we're not manly...we'll be clinging on forever!" hahahhaah
i like what aiba and nino said..
aiba..very humble
and nino very true! XDDD
i forgot to thank you XD
and by the way do you know where can i find the TV PIA translation?
thanks again! XD
I love Nino's quote!
XD I like Nino's.
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I loved that article so much!
omg where the hell have i been? this is the first time im reading this translation lol thanks for sharing ~
oh Arashi, why so SPESHUL!!!~
I love all their quotes...it's just that I happen to enjoy both Ohno's and Sho's.
Thanks for sharing. :D